When you combine the latest technology with a highly skilled staff and exceptional attention to customer service, you get the finest value in dry cleaning service available in Montreal.

Our services include professional pre-spotting, cleaning and expert finishing of each garment. We offer a variety of dry cleaning services including regular garment cleaning, wool, cashmere, silk ext… We also provide Press Only services to our customers who require only finishing of a particular item.

Our highly trained professionals ensure that your clothes are always perfectly clean and your garment investment is protected. From every day casuals and business attire to formal wear, each item is inspected separately and the proper cleaning process is implemented.

Clinique Du Vêtement quality care team assures your garments are properly handled and perfectly cleaned.

Your satisfaction is guaranteed with two weeks of free redo policy.

Our cleaning process:

  • We evaluate and analyze each garment individually to identify the best way to make it look clean and fresh.
  • Each piece is uniquely treated to remove the most common type of stains, which include grease, lip stick, ink, blood, food, coffee, wine ext..
  • Shirt cuffs and collars are presoaked and scrubbed to remove hard stains.
  • Delicate and sensitive materials are presoaked and washed on extremely gentle cycles that cannot be duplicated at home.